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Strategies For Beating Startup Burnout: The Silent Startup Killer
Managing the high-pressure environment of a startup is challenging at the best of times, let alone over the past 3 months. When navigating through these grossly unpredictable times, you run the risk of overcorrecting. Working longer, expecting more, pushing harder. There’s a high risk that you’ll start to feel exhausted, struggle to make decisions, or lament the loss of things you had pre-startup.

In other words, burnout could be on the horizon. This panel brings together investors, founders, and people professionals to help founders understand:

- What burnout actually is and how to prevent it
- How founders can train themselves to spot burnout before it gets out of control
- Tactics and processes you can build into your culture to prevent burnout
- How to ensure your team is high-performing without driving them to exhaustion
- How to manage the tension between individuals taking personal responsibility for their health, and you helping them along as a leader

And more.

Hear from...

*Madeleine Evans *
Madeleine Evans is an entrepreneur and investor with 9 years' experience driving transformation and growth across corporates and startup companies. She is the founder/CEO of the technology company, Levell | Levell.io. Madeleine speaks on mission-driven business, well-being, conscious organisations, and the future of work.

*Natalie Falconer*
Natalie is a People and Talent expert with over 15 years experience scaling people and talent functions in startups, venture, and as a former founder. Previous to joining Forward Partners as our Head of People. Natalie worked for ASOS, Yieldify, Captify, and Kindred Capital.

*Andy Skipper*
Andy Skipper is a CTO coach and angel investor, having worked with numerous startups and charities since 2001, including Made.com and Comic Relief. He now runs CTO Craft, a mentoring community for CTOs and other software leaders which provides coaching, events and other support for those struggling in technology leadership roles.


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